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Our third episode introduces Simon Schnieders, founder of Blue Array, an SEO consultancy and agency hybrid. During the podcast, he discusses his career and how he set up his company to help build up businesses SEO. He also provides tips on how to naturally increase SEO positioning and brand visibility.

Our second episode will showcase the exciting journey of one of our own portfolio founders, Oli Clements, CEO and Founder of DRTY, a hard seltzer drink company. A jump working in the industry to building a category leader, the way DRTY appeared on our supermarket shelves and across the festival scene.

The Velocity Juice podcast series opens with the fun yet challenging journey of building a subscription-based bakery. We are delighted to speak with Joe Munns, the CEO and founder of BakedIn.

Measuring TV advertising ROI as a business.

TV advertising is a great investment for many businesses and it still plays an essential role within many company’s marketing strategy. Considering

Flicking through TV advertisments.

Is TV Advertising Dead?

Today, there’s a lot of discourse that suggests TV advertising isn’t as popular an advertising medium as it used to due to


Digital advertising plays a fundamental role in a business’ marketing strategy, with platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram amongst the most

A person types on a computer.

In short, inventory management can be defined as ‘sourcing, storing, and selling inventory’. So, why is inventory management important for ecommerce businesses

Person researching on tablet

Scaling your own ecommerce business, or any business for that matter, can be a daunting prospect. However, scaling is an essential step

A laptop screen with a graph

When compared to traditional channels of advertising, such as direct mail, billboards, and magazines, the use of digital advertising is relatively new,



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